Best glue to fix RC airplane?

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Shopper conversation with Michael D. on June 08, 2016

Michael D.
Hello ! How are you ? My name is Mike , How can i help you have an R/C good time ?
Hi there. I was curious. I was out flying with a new pilot that wants to learn how to fly and the plane crash into grass
i notice my prop and spinner and motor was loose inside. i didnt give it that much thought so he did it again and it flew different (of course) and when it crashed into the grass it totally broke the blue over head of the motor. and the back tail came off not the elevader
Michael D.
i see, sounds like you need some replacement parts ?
idk about that. but i do need glue
Michael D.
and the little long insert for the (rudder?) do i squirt a bit down inside the put it in place for dry?
Michael D.
correct. it will dry fast
] directions on the package
then last question would be
Michael D.
long inserts ?
yeah never mind about that, hard to explain. anyway
down by the wheel that little flap piece that holds it from the bottom . should i put glue there or tape? i think if i didnt do anything to it, it might work but after awhile it might come back off?
Michael D.
this white flap ?
the back tail
Michael D.
you can use tape. just check it every few flights and replace if needed
like the top of the rudder holds in the top back then the little flap thats under neath by the wheel it also holds on to help it turn.
my guess if i put glue or tape it might not turn the best
Michael D.
the little pieces in the photo ?
yes in that photo the very far right piece. the bottom little tab sticking out, that broke should i just buy this or can it be fixed
Michael D.
you will want to buy the replacement that is a control surface , you can not tape or glue that , it will not function properly
ok well i think thats it. thank you
Michael D.
my pleasure
anything else i can assist with ?
should be pretty easy to install that new set
is there a video?
Michael D.
you can check youtube, very easy to do though.
ok thanks Mike
have a goodnight
Michael D.
you as well